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Clinics feat. Paul Ulibarri

Clinics feat. Paul Ulibarri

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For the very first time in Denmark, the legendary Team Discraft Captain Paul Ulibarri will be giving two clinics, one at Eghjorten and one at Valbyparken! This is your chance to learn the secrets of disc golf from an expert, and even play against him!

At Eghjorten there will be a 1 hour clinic, followed by an awesome showcase with Paul and KJ - Champ vs. Chumps - hopefully your name will be picked out of the hat, thus giving you a chance to play against both pros!

(The showcase will be recorded to our KJ DISC Youtube channel)

There will not be any showcase during the 1 hour clinic at Valbyparken, but you get the chance of a lifetime to learn from the man himself when he gives you all the secrets of disc golf.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from a disc golf pro!

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