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Discraft ESP Lite Force - Ledgestone 2023

Discraft ESP Lite Force - Ledgestone 2023

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[ Speed: 12 | Glide: 5 | Turn: 0 | Fade: 3 ]

This overstable driver is designed for experienced throwers with strong arms aiming to achieve impressive distances.

The Force boasts substantial overstability that effectively prevents it from turning over, even when thrown at high velocities. When thrown with an anhyzer angle, this disc diligently maneuvers to flex out and execute a controlled fade towards the end of its flight. By doing so, it optimizes its airborne duration and maximizes the distance achievable from the tee-off.

In this specific release, the disc's weight falls within the range of 160 to 170 grams, coupled with a medium dome shape. This combination ensures that the Force caters to a broader spectrum of intermediate arm speeds.

Notably, this particular run exhibits a touch more flip compared to the standard ESP Force iterations. Consequently, these specialized Forces gain the capability to propel for even greater distances.


Foil and color may vary.

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