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Discraft ESP Lite Nuke OS - Ledgestone 2023

Discraft ESP Lite Nuke OS - Ledgestone 2023

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[ Speed: 13 | Glide: 4 | Turn: 0 | Fade: 4 ]

Constructed with Discraft's ESP Lite plastic, this disc offers a perfect balance of durability and lightweight performance. The ESP Lite material provides excellent grip and control while reducing the overall weight of the disc. With a comfortable feel in your hand and enhanced maneuverability, you'll be able to unleash powerful throws with precision.

The Nuke OS is specifically engineered for overstable flights. With its high-speed stability and reliable fade, it excels in windy conditions and tackles demanding shots with ease. Whether you're battling strong headwinds or need a disc that can handle powerful throws, the Nuke OS delivers the stability and predictability you need.

Designed for players seeking maximum control, the Nuke OS offers a consistent and dependable flight path. Its overstability allows for accurate fades, making it a reliable choice for forehand shots, spike hyzers, and skip shots. This disc is a valuable asset in your disc golf bag, especially in situations where precision and control are paramount.

Elevate your disc golf game with the Discraft ESP Lite Nuke OS - Ledgestone 2023 edition. This limited edition disc combines exceptional stability, lightweight performance, and collectability in one remarkable package. Dominate the fairways and showcase your passion for the sport with this sought-after disc that represents the spirit of the Ledgestone Insurance Open.

Foil and color may vary

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