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Discraft GRIP6 Buzzz Belt

Discraft GRIP6 Buzzz Belt

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Introducing the exclusive Buzzz-logo stamped belts. Crafted by GRIP6, these belts are meticulously designed to optimize the inherent properties of their construction materials. Renowned for their exceptional grip, these belts have earned the moniker "badgerbite."

Locked securely in place using the proprietary Fuselock Technology, a GRIP6 belt can withstand over 250 lbs of outward pressure. Manufactured with certified 6061 T6 aluminum, these belts boast unrivaled durability.

In terms of material, while most nylon belts utilize Nylon 6, GRIP6 straps employ Nylon 6,6 for its superior qualities. Offering increased rigidity, higher tensile strength, enhanced abrasion resistance, and greater heat tolerance, Nylon 6,6 sets GRIP6 belts apart. With its adjustable design, this belt guarantees a perfect fit for all.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own the limited edition GRIP6 Buzzz belt – secure yours today!
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