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Discraft UV Z Wasp - Ledgestone 2023

Discraft UV Z Wasp - Ledgestone 2023

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[ Speed: 5 | Glide: 3 | Turn: 0 | Fade 2 ]

This disc paved the way for the creation of the Buzzz. Known as the Buzzz's slightly more overstable cousin, it sits between the Buzzz and the Buzzz OS in terms of stability. The Wasp also features a beaded rim, providing a different feel compared to the standard Buzzz, alongside increased fade.

This run showcases a striking hive design on the front, with UV plastic making the stamp stand out even more. The plastic transitions from colorless in the shade to vibrant magenta in sunlight. The Wasp's consistent overstability is further enhanced by the UV plastic, ensuring reliability for years. This edition was limited to a run of 1000 discs.

Foil and color may vary.

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