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Discraft Big Z Scorch - Ledgestone 2022

Discraft Big Z Scorch - Ledgestone 2022

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[ Speed: 11 | Glide: 6 | Turn -2 | Fade 2 ]

Discraft Big Z Scorch Ledgestone 2022 is an exciting disc that is part of Discraft's popular Scorch series and is created in collaboration with the Ledgestone Insurance Open tournament. This disc is designed to deliver maximum distance and impressive glide on the course.

Big Z Scorch Ledgestone 2022 features Big Z plastic, known for its durability and stability. The plastic combines grip and flexibility to ensure a comfortable throwing experience. The disc is also adorned with a unique Ledgestone 2022 design graphic, giving it an eye-catching appearance.

With a speed rating of 11 and a glide rating of 6, Scorch Ledgestone 2022 is one of Discraft's fastest and most glide-friendly discs. It is designed to generate maximum distance in your throws, helping you reach farther down the fairway. The disc's stable flight characteristics also ensure that it holds a predictable line, even at high throwing speeds.

Big Z Scorch Ledgestone 2022 features a flat top and a wide rim profile, providing a comfortable and secure grip. The disc is suitable for intermediate to advanced players looking to increase their throwing distance and achieve more accurate throws. It can be used for both backhand and forehand throws and accommodates a wide range of throwing styles.

Whether you're competing in tournaments or simply enjoying recreational play, Discraft Big Z Scorch Ledgestone 2022 will be a valuable addition to your disc golf collection. With its durability, stability, and ability to deliver impressive distance, this disc will help you reach new heights in your disc golf game.

Foil and color may vary.

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